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Welcome to our Round Table – pull up a chair...or a computer...or a phone!


Round Table Conversations has been initiated to 'open up the conversation' - around issues relating to all things young at heart! As teachers, youth workers and health care professionals, we work with children and young people of all ages, as well as with their parents, carers, support workers, schools and service providers, and with other community members...and we appreciate the absolute richness of experiences, depth of observation, sharing, questioning, and invaluable opportunity each day offers us all.


Just like family meal times have the potential to be, Round Table Conversations is an opportunity to celebrate, appreciate and confirm all there is about our amazing children and young people, while equally discussing the issues, concerns and current realities our children and young people are dealing with growing up in today's world... from the silly to the serious, the playful to the political.


So...we invite you to join our Round Table Conversations, wherever you are in the world! Take a seat, grab a cuppa, and please feel free to comment and share. The purpose of these conversations is to discuss, question, learn, share, inspire & educate.


*Please note: We will not post any comments that are discriminatory, abusive, defamatory or slanderous in any way.