Our Philosophy and Approach

At EM-POWER Youth Services, we believe that connection to ourselves is the key to feeling empowered in relationships and life in general. When we truly connect with ourselves, we feel fully equipped to deal with the daily challenges life presents, whether they be at school, home or work. We work from a knowing that all children and young people are innately strong, capable and deeply loving. They are also sensitive, powerful, wise, caring, expressive, aware and incredibly amazing! We celebrate, appreciate and value these qualities in young people and always hold them in the essence of who they truly are, regardless of any behaviours or emotions they are presenting with. We support children and young people to develop their level of self-care and sense of self-worth, in order to truly appreciate and maintain these qualities within themselves.

We understand children and young people are all at different stages in their personal development, and we offer support that meets them where they are at. Our steady, full-hearted approach inspires and supports children and young people to feel connected and confident in themselves. We reflect the fact that every choice made either sabotages or builds upon our connection to ourselves. When children and young people become aware that their every choice directly affects their mental and physical health and well-being, they are able to make steps towards taking responsibility for their lives.

We recognise the many challenges and pressures children and young people are dealing with day-to-day, both on a personal and societal level, and understand how these pressures can influence and impact the way they feel and conduct themselves in every aspect of life. We sensitively support children and young people to work through whatever is holding them back from feeling and living their full potential, offering practical tools that support them to be their true selves regardless of what is going on around them.

EM-POWER Youth Services supports children and young people to feel confident in their ability to read and respond to life. This is where true empowerment begins!